The Candle

AT RISE: (A simple rectangle table with a simple chair on either long side. Timeless. Black background. CIL sits in one chair, head against the table wrapped in her arms, sobbing. BEA slowly enters from the other side. She stops a few feet before the chair, watching CIL, waiting patiently.)


(Head still down, sobbing stops) Why?


Come on, Cil, you know why.


You were alone in this world of billions, right? That’s what you wrote. Drowning in darkness.


I’m impressed. (She smiles warmly) Not many people could read my handwriting like you could.


(Head up, screaming) But I was THERE! (She stands up, throwing her chair to the ground) I was there every FUCKING second! I never left you, not once. I fought for you! I protected you! Now where the fuck are you?! Locked up in a fucking box ten feet underground. A rock with your name is standing here instead of you. All those years you made me laugh and smile remembered by only the years of your existence. Every adventure we had is lost in the dash, so insignificant to not even mention a single fucking word. You left me! You fucking left me, so don’t you dare tell me no one was there for you, because I was! I was and always will be!


(A little quiver in her voice) A candle can’t light up the world, Cil.

(THE END for now)


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