There is certainly no business like show business. Not as entertaining. Not as moving. Not as freeing. Not as impossible to be a part of.

Working for anything in the business called show requires extraordinary skill, luck, and social expertise.

I am shy. I am anxious. I am afraid of failure. Not a good combo for success in general, much less in one of the most impossible fields in existence. While I have a chance. I also have a chance at winning the Powerball. I can’t help but feel that’s more likely.

Perhaps I should also mention – I am also a pessimist. Strangely enough though, a dark sense of humor helps fight that. Ironic.

But I do refuse to let this extraordinary passion die. Some call it stubborness. Others determination. I choose to side with the latter.

Scene Not Heard is a haven of sorts for scenes of plays that dwell in my mind but will never meet the light of day. Comedies, tragedies, you name it. A new one will be posted everyday, documented for all of time as a piece of a story never shown to the public.

A writer loves writing for its own sake, and that is what I intend to do here.